It’s old, but it’s new. J. Burns’ was around many years ago but has made a comeback. Lakeland old-timers will tell you stories about this place “back in the day.”

All I can say is what a find! They have a great signature pizza. Thin crust, cut in squares. I tried the Deluxe (cheese, pepp, saus, mush, onions, green pepp, black olives) and the Hawaiian (cheese, ham, pineapple). Both were gourmet, crunchy thin crust and fabulous…

Best Pizza in Town

J. Burns’ whips up 7 inch singles, 12 and 16 inch rounds all day long. We offer all the standard pizza toppings and a comfortable space to enjoy it. Relax inside or kick back on the front porch for a great dining experience.

We also provide refreshing Coca-Cola beverages, fantastic subs filled with lots of Boar’s Head meat, choice of salads, and classic ice cream sandwiches or cinnamon knots for dessert.

This could be your new “go-to” place. Once you try this pizza, you won’t bother with the others.


The loyalty program is easy and a great value. For every $50 you spend you will receive a $5 discount off your next order. Once you sign up with your phone number, you’ll get text messages with more discounts and promotions.

Commitment to Quality

We use only the top ingredients. Our sauce is made from vine-ripe tomatoes, not tomato paste or puree. Our meats are the highest-grade on the market and our cheese is a special blend made just for J. Burns’ and is the best quality. You will be impressed and satisfied.

Community Involvement

At J. Burns, our Spirit Nights give you the opportunity to raise funds and show the spirit of your school, charity, sports team, or ministry. Check our list of upcoming events to see what events are taking place soon.